Welcome to Exile

“Being that, in these last days, we have become, in ever increasing measure, a nation that has lost its way we have decided that the time has come for a new declaration, not of independence but of dedication to the principals upon which the great men of the past laid the foundation of our nation.”

Welcome, fellow travelers, to exile!

As conservatives, libertarians, and classical liberals we find ourselves in the #CurrentYear a people without a party- not willing to commit to a populist worker’s party, nor accepting of a progressive worldview intent on achieving global communism and serfdom, we must content ourselves to wander, for a time, in the political wilderness, in exile.

Join us, as we explore and examine American conservative principles, values, foundational literature of the movement, and work to redefine and rededicate ourselves to what it means to be a Conservative in 2017.

Look for issues focused blog posts, a podcast, and other posts coming soon!

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