Target Practice Is Training Cops to Kill Black Men

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to a gun shooting range with some members of the military and the local police. This was an opportunity I did not want to pass up because I knew for a fact it would show me why these horrible racists wanted nothing more in lif than to execute unarmed innocent black men.

I knew things were going to be awful from right when I arrived. The sounds were so loud! Those AK-14s and AR-47s were blasting away! Fortunately, I’m white so these racists didn’t feel the need to shoot me as I pulled up. They were actually pretty nice considering they are psychopathic killing machines with no souls.

They showed me how they shot at the range with both their terrible fully automatic assault rifles, which you can buy legally over the internet with no background check then fire thousands of rounds per second to kill like, all the people, and with their horrible pistols that I am sure they actually prefer to turn sideways to “cap” the innocent black men they are mowing down.

One thing struck me as odd when I was watching this. The targets they were firing at were all targets of BLACK men! I mean, there were no features, no faces, clothes, ect, just outlines, but ALL of the outlines were black!

Here is an example of one:

black man target

This is just so offensive and triggering and awful! All along, every single time our police and military fire their horrible death rifles they are shooting at unarmed black men! We are actually training this response into them!

These murdering psychoscum offered to let me shoot, but I already had PTSD just from hearing gun fire and I knew it would probably destroy my shoulder socket forever to fire one of these awful fully automatic weapons which you can buy at any gun show with no background check easily any time.

Well, I was just beside myself, I had to get to my computer and bring this despicable story to you as soon as possible!

I can’t even begin to unpack how many thing are wrong with this! We need to change how we train our police immediately! Obviously the best way to do this is to #BlackLiveMatter and #BLM on twitter and facebook and to never link to any possible policy positions or suggestions, and to scream about killing police but when police are killed then and only then say we are non-violent for a week or two.

Well, I have a solution, we need to replace these horrible, racist black man targets with this newly designed target:

white man target

This is super important. Because we all know that it’s not enough to kill fewer black men, we have to make sure that we are killing MORE white men! With this new and improved target, we can train our officers to kill cis, white, heteronormative males like they should be!

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments, fellow Leftists!  Until the next time, Comrades!

(This article was originally published on 8/1/2016 on